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Physical Therapy

The Therapy Plan

Physical Therapy employs various tools to restore range of motion, strength and function, and to enhance physical performance.  During an initial evaluation, the therapist will consider information provided by the patient, the referring physician, and relevant test results, and will take measurements to determine the patient’s range of motion, strength deficits and/or gait abnormalities and his/her ability to perform daily tasks.

From this information, short- and long-term goals for physical therapy are established in a treatment plan.  During subsequent appointments, the physical therapist will treat the patient as determined in the established plan.  Treatments may include ultrasound, electronic stimulation, joint mobilization, manual therapy, traction and therapeutic exercise.  The physical therapist will document the treatment and the patient’s progress with each appointment, and will communicate results to the referring physician prior to the next follow-up visit.  During and at the end of the treatment cycle, the physical therapist will also provide instruction for the patient to optimize recovery with a home exercise program.